Rice & Beans [ August 27, 2005, 8:47 a.m. ]

Last week I had a combo of rice and beans for 4 days in a row..about halfway through meal #4 I reached the point where I couldn’t swallow another bite..it wasn’t a conscious thing, but when you don’t eat meat and half the food items remaining are on the no-no list, rice and beans is what you get. Actually, Skyline’s rice and beans should be on the no-no list but I love them.

I have an aggressive male hummingbird who has staked out my front yard as “his” territory. He hides in the castor beans and dive bombs any other hummingbirds that get close. Although I would prefer this not happen, watching him sit for 10-15 mins at time, preening his feathers and looking around is really cute tho. Usually the only chance to see a hummingbird is fleeting, they are always active. It fun to see a little 2.5” bird scratching his head and chirping away. My guide says to hang another feeder out of site of the other feeder and it should solve the problem. Sounds like too much work in August. Maybe next year.

The new Carly Simon CD is fab-u-lous.

I think R’s OCD meds need to be increased. Last night he made me take off my clothes so he could wash them.

We are going to see Varekai tonight. D.’s making sangria, I made a lemon cheesecake (with fresh strawberries for the top). Mmmm…I took Monday off work because I knew it might be ugly. No sleep/alcohol and good rich food always equals a recovery period.

Plus..it’s an excuse to take off Monday

And that is a good thing.

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