March Madness [ March 30, 2006, 8:25 a.m. ]

A few weeks ago I had (yet another) shitty day at work. R and I decided to go to dinner and I planned on getting shitfaced. OK..shitfaced these days is 2 drinks but shitfaced I was going to get.

Ol’ Saint Patrick threw a wrench in that plan. We drove around town for 45 minutes, trying to find a restaurant with a liquor license that wasn’t filled to the gills with green-bead-wearing drunks. Jesus fuck….when did St. Patrick’s day turn into Mardi Gras? Driving through a college town looked like a green “Girls Gone Wild” video. And how many of you can even explain wtf St. Patrick did that gave him his own day? I’m not religious but I’m almost certain he didn’t have anything to do with green beer, date rape and vomiting a jiggs dinner on the floor mat of your car. (I don’t know what a jiggs dinner is either.)

Anyway..we ended up huddled in the corner of Boston Market trying to hide from the mentally retarded family from R’s hometown. No liquor license there and by the time I got home I wasn’t in the mood to drink. Drinking is only fun when someone else makes your drink.

I succumbed to peer pressure and flashy marketing and bought myself an Ipod. I dropped my measly 128mb Rio Sport and broke the menu button. I’d been convincing myself for months I DID NOT NEED an Ipod, but now it seemed the decision had been made. I got the black 30 gig one. It would hold almost my entire CD collection. If you don’t read the fine print (well actually…you have to search the Apple website for hours and then download the “fine print” as a PDF….the “users manual” that came with the Ipod was a 3 page fold-out CD insert) you don’t see that the battery life is shortened by file size and shit like that. My entire CD collection was ripped as the largest file size. So for weeks I’ve been re-ripping my music to a smaller bit-rate then adding it to ITunes (which really really sucks the donkey schlong) and then copying it back to the Ipod. Adding album art is a pain in the ass too but why have a video screen if you can’t gaze at the “Court and Spark” cover whilst listening to Joni? I’ve been doing this for weeks. Sigh.

I’m getting older this weekend. Blah. And I had to order my own birthday cake because my Mom likes the cakes from our neighborhood bakery. Happy birthday to me.

We are off to Ann Arbor for some good eatin and a trip to Whole Foods. Twenty years ago I would have been partying for days with my friends….now that I’m old I’m thrilled with a trip to a grocery store.

I’m getting more like my Dad every day.

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