Not a good week [ March 21, 2003, 9:47 p.m. ]

This has been a rough week at work. Iíve seen the human side of both my coworkers and clients. Thatís not a bad thing considering I spend most of my days feeling as if I am on autopilot. Itís a good thing to be reminded I work with people and not diseases.

Last night, winter ended with a spectacular thunderstorm and torrential rains. The dirty salt has been washed away and everything looks just a little greener this morning. I know we will have a little more snow before it is all done, but thing are definitely moving in the right direction. barrels have sprouted up again at my highway interchange. Itís gonna be a mess again. I guess that will give me something new to bitch about until the heat and humidity return.

The war..blah. I really want to throw my in 2 cents but I havenít had the energy to write the entry. Iím terribly conflicted. Iím not watching TV. Well..Sex and the City is on tonight.. ..Iíll watch that..

Hmm.. ..Iím hungry and there isnít anything good in the house. I donít want to go back out to get food. Those options are limited to fast food unless I want to deal with Friday evening traffic. Yucky. And itís 6:43 and Iíve already got my pajamas on.

Iím off for a bit.. ..must scrape up some dinner.. ..oooo thereís beets!


I love Easter candy. My Mom may have her issues, but she always had a great holiday for us kids. I loved all of the Easter candy except those things that looked like big jelly beans but they were filled with white shit. Blech!

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