Updated [ March 11, 2006, 9:42 a.m. ]

Itís been so long since Iíve written in here, Iím not sure where to begin. I think there are several good reasons I havenít updated.

DVR- How can I possibly spend time here when I have hours of sweet sweet television to choose from? DVR is like having a television chef. You place your order and your meal arrives whenever you want, cooked to order. If it turns out NOT to be what you thought, you push a button and your table is clearedÖready for your next gluttonous meal. Gluttony is one of my favorite sins.

Politics-I knew if I updated often, this diary would be nothing but a non-stop tirade against our Tardmandor-in-Chief and his corrupt political allies. Everything the man says is a lie. Heís destroyed this country. I donít know what else I could say. Iím probably one of those being wiretapped, I really believe this. Iíll end up at Guantanamo for having an opinion. We have no rights anymore. We are under a dictatorship. The local political scene isnít much better, our Governor has been convicted while in office and has refused to resign. Nearly every prominent local Republican has been involved in an illegal fundraising scheme to help re-elect Bush, read this link, it's easier than explaining it Coingate. And thanks to those Diebold electronic voting machines, we are guaranteed Republican victories for years to come.

The Job I fucking hate it. Every morning is a curse. Iím miserable. I have to get out, I just donít know how. I want a new career. I rehearse my ďFuck You I QuitĒ speech every day on the way to work. I donít sleep anymore. I just lie in bed and think about how Iím going to fit 12 hours of work into an 8 hour day. I would love to become a pastry chef. I love to cook, I could work at a really cool resort and fill cream puffs all day. Cream puffs donít commit suicide, cream puffs donít need enrolled in a Medicare prescription plan and cream puffs donít shit their pants while sitting in your office.

Oh yeahÖS. our cat died last week from kidney failure. He was healthy on Monday and dead by Friday. I feel terrible. ďBig OrangeĒ is lost without him and wanders around the house all day. I wish I could explain it to him.

I think Iím depressed.

On a more positive noteÖ

Many of the spring birds have returned. This morning the birds sounds coming from the islands were almost deafening. Birds still bring me joy. My crocuses and snow drops are beginning to bloom. Spring always perks me up.

I had a stress test. The ticker is ok, I still have chest pains. Probably stress.

I drink 1-2 coffees a week. I used to drink at least a pot a day. I donít think Iíll ever be able to quit. For a few months I went on a coffee bender, damn Starbucks. Then I gained 5 lbs from all those full-fat lattes. I donít like the nonfat shit so I managed to stop that bad habit.

My tummy problems are much better. No more medication, Iím watching what I eat and staying away from the forbidden foods. I can even wear a belt again.

My favorite Thai restaurant is opening a second location mere blocks from my house. Iím almost peeing with excitement. They have the BEST hot and sour soup.

We are planning a trip to Vegas with my sister and her husband. It will be at Christmas. Nothing says Jesus more than gamblingÖ

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