New Year's Sloth [ 2003/01/01, 8:34 p.m. ]

Today's entry is brought to you by a sense of obligation rather than a desire to write. My plan was to write a thoughtful entry to give 2003 a nice positive start. But, I feel like shit today.. I'm not going to do that.. .. ..maybe I'll save it for the Chinese New Year.

This is the year I turn 40. See, in 2002 I could bend the truth and say, "I'll be 40 next year." Now there's no denying's gonna happen 3 months from tomorrow. So I figured the first entry of this year should be warm and fuzzy. Instead I'm grumpy and I think I am hung over.

Last night I went to J and L's for a little holiday gathering. It was very low key and uneventful. I drank three "stoli-on-the-rocks-with-a-twist-of-lime" between 7 and 9:30. Then for the next 4 hours I drank water. I had to drive home and wanted to be sober and responsible.

I did a few things around the house and went to bed at 3am. I was totally wide awake at 7. I forced myself to lay in bed until about 8. I felt awful when I got up. Even coffee didn't help. I went back to bed about 11. At noon I got up and went to lunch with R. About halfway through my "braised string bean with chinese radish" [sic], I began to seriously worry I may vomit right there on the table at the Fortune Inn. Suddenly all I could taste was fish. (Last night I was feeling bold and I tried one of L's crab cakes. The first 2 bites weren't bad. The third bite made me feel queasy. By the 4th bite I was convinced I was licking the lid of a "seafood supper" cat food can.) Then we went to Meijer's where I practiced my Lamaze breathing and thoughts of nice neutral things like puppies and cotton balls. I came home and went back to bed.. ..with the TV on. I NEVER sleep with the tv on. I slept for 3 up and have been stumbling around ever since. You know how many naps I took in 2002?


I'm pretty sure I'll be back in bed by 9. I'm still trying to figure out what all of this means. Am I:

Suffering the effects of some horrible KrabbyPatty food poisoning?

Very tired for having stayed up way past my bedtime and getting up early?

Is my soon-to-be-40-year-old body letting me know that 3 mixed drinks are 2 too many?

I have no idea..

but I know I don't like it.

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