Easter 2003 [ April 20, 2003, 11:27 a.m. ]

Ahh.. ..I love Spring.

Almost everything I planted is coming back: astilbe, cornflowers, ferns, bee balm, columbine, bleeding heart and a few things that I canít remember. No hummingbirds although the migration map shows they are in my area.

This morning at the feeder, I saw brown headed cowbirds, purple finches (or house finches.. I canít tell them apart), a white throated sparrow, nuthatches, cardinals, goldfinches, red bellied woodpeckers and the usual gang of squirrels who followed my around the yard while I did my garden inspection. I killed my first slug.

We are having an impromptu Easter Dinner. All week everyone asked my what my plans for Easter were.. I didnít have any. I guess when you are a non-religious type person these types of holidays sneak up on ya once you stop believing in the Easter Bunny. Iíve tried to forget Christmas but people called me Scrooge, so now I just go along with it.

I made angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream, real scalloped potatoes (not the icky boxed shit). We are also having asparagus and ham ::shudder:: Iím not having any of that.

I might try to find fresh peas today. Peas in a white sauce is one of my favorite side dishes.

Dinner is 5..stop by if you want!

I washed Big Eden..it was a nice movie about queers without getting all preachy about AIDS, homophobia or circuit parties. Sometimes Iím happy when they give us a nice romance without the drama.

AOHell has a new email thingy. Iím liking it. It makes it hard to get that monkey off your back when they give you a reason to stay addicted.

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