I really want to stay home today [ September 03, 2003, 7:58 a.m. ]

I have a cold. I ache all over,I can't breathe and I think I have a fever. Today is my busiest day of the month. I am going in late and I DONíT CARE.

Iím so sad. Franklin was the straight guy? Ugh. Iíd be a (bigger) loser if I were on the show. I figured he was the obvious choice.. ..therefore gay. He was beautiful.

And Andra is a mess. Someone needs to slip some Zanax into her coffee, stick her in the corner and tell her to shut the fuck up. She was worried the show made her look like an asshole on national television? She did just fine on her own.

I watched Adaptation and The Good Girl this weekend. Both were good. I spent an hour trying to find an interview with Susan Orlean about how she was portrayed in the movie. I remember he having a sense of humor about the whole thing. I know I heard it on Fresh Air on NPR but I couldnít find it. Dammit.

Labor Day was a wash. Three inches of rain and temps in the 60ís. We tried to go to a movie but there was nothing good playing. Went to the mall and discovered every slack-jawed Toledoan had the same idea. Blah.

OK..now I do have to go to work..my slackin time is over

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