what the hell is going on? [ September 10, 2005, 11:12 a.m. ]

Sometimes my naivety surprises me.

At first I was angry with the media. On the day after’ I was angry that they were only showing those stranded on their roofs and not the National Guard and Red Cross saving lives and housing the homeless. . Maybe the right wingers are correct, the “mainstream” media is biased. And the president? I think I might have even defended him. Surely he’s sent every resource we have to the Gulf. The cameras aren’t showing it, they just want ratings.

The next day something starts to sink in…there’s looting and lawlessness. The mayor is on the radio crying and pleading for help. The blow-dried, styled talking heads are beginning to crack, even Fox News. And the President? Well, he did cut his vacation short, he wanted to get to work right away.

The day after that I’m watching corpses float in the streets. People are saying they don’t have food and water. Nobody seems to be in charge. The entire region has become a third-world country. The politicians slap each other on the back and insist help is on the way. I start watching BBC News, maybe they are showing the quick and efficient response. Hmm…nope. Just more misery.

Another day and the numbness shifts to anger. How did we let this happen? They are evacuating critically ill babies from hospitals. Wait…why were there babies in the hospital anyway? Wasn’t there a hurricane headed your way? Didn’t anyone else see those news reports and stories about the destruction of New Orleans if there’s a hurricane strike? I live 1000 miles away and even I know that. It’s all below sea level right?

“I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees.” George W. Bush

Is the military there yet? How about the National Guard? Why weren’t they ready to go when the storm hit?

George Bush smirks his way through another press conference, repeating his carefully scripted (but poorly delivered) talking points. Help is there, work is being done, order will be restored blah blah blah

“Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job George W. Bush.

On the Fifth day, helped arrived, It took a few more days to evacuate the city, It continues today, almost 2 weeks later. Yesterday they said they said there are fewer dead, but have banned the media from taking pictures of body collection out of “respect.” Why didn’t they respect them when they were alive?

The right wing cronies have become an American version of Iraq’s Information minister who insisted American troops were not in the heart of Baghdad while we clearly saw it happening on the news.

This isn’t my country

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