High Alert [ 2003/02/15, 9:43 a.m. ]

I am one step closer to ending my sick sick realtionship with #4 of the axis of evil.. ..


I finally got around to getting that D-Land gold membership. I no longer need to store my diary images on AOL. I have a hotmail account ready to go. AOL is about to go to tribal council and be voted off the island.

When I went to bed Thursday night, the weathercaster used words like "blizzard like conditions, dangerous wind chills, blowing and drifting, up to 8 inches of snow, freezing rain.. .." They used computer models to show how the perfect storm was going to slam into Ohio, causing major weather-related disasters. I was elated as the storm was expected to hit mid afternoon. Maybe the agency would close and I would get to go home early.

Yesterday was a beautiful warm, sunny February day. I waited and waited. Someone said they now expected to storm to hit us a little later..maybe by 6 pm.

It never snowed. Not a flake. Nothing. Nada.

I liked it so much better when we were given vague information such as: "A 40% chance of snow today and a high of 23."

And then there's Level Orange. People are hysterical. The media is whipping everyone's anxiety into a level not seen since Kevin babysat your 12yo nephew.

Someone actually went on television and encouraged people to seal their windows with duct tape and plastic sheeting. Have plenty of food in your shelter. You are going to die!

OK..so..if you seal your house up so no air gets in.. ..how long will it take before you suffocate.? If you don't suffocate, that means air is coming in from outside, and of course that means you are breathing the "chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction" infused air. You are going to die!

Terrorism is meant to instill fear, to incite panic, to disrupt our lives. Who needs Osama or Saddam when we have Fox News?

I'm going to continue to live as I have been living. I am not going to huddle in my basement. I am not going to tape my windows. I am NOT watching the news.

What you CAN do for yourself is join my Jean Teasdale diaryring. That will keep you safe.

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