No work for me [ 2003/03/13, 8:27 p.m. ]

God..I hate everyone on Survivor except the deaf woman. I can tolerate the rocket scientist only because he's eye candy. I want to punch that blonde skinny bitch with the fake tits.

Today turned out to be good. I decided after venturing outdoors that I was NOT risking my life for work. I called to say I was coming in late. At 10 my boss called to tell me to stay home.

I did not argue.

At noon the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful (cold) day. I made an appointment for an eye exam, picked out some frames and went out for lunch. You know..if you have coke bottles like me, it's impossible to see yourself when you try on frames. Frames also look great with the fake wafer thin lenses but decompensate quickly when my prescription is put in. I suggested that they have a camera to take pictures of the customers in the frames so the Stevie Wonders can see what we look like.

The woman stared at me.

I went to an asian market to buy some endamame. The stench was horrific. I tried to hold my breath while I shopped. I found what I wanted and got the hell out. When I tried to cook them, the directions were no help. I think there was something lost in the translation. Well..I didn't cook them long enough and now I'm sad.

Woohoo..we are getting a new puter. And I've been working on a new template which I must say will be fabulous.

Stay tuned

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