(g)Litter [ June 02, 2003, 7:40 p.m. ]

R. and I went to Cinci this weekend for G’s birthday. It was sooo much fun.

We went to the Newport Aquarium and hung out at Newport on the Levee for dinner. During dinner I was facing the pedestrian bridge over the Ohio River. Yanno how much I hate bridges.. .. Well after some liquid courage (mmm.. ..Cosmos) I was all about making myself walk across that bridge. And I did it! It was pretty horrible, I couldn’t look over the side and I had butterflies in my tummy the whole time..but I managed. Phobias are weird. There was this 3” space between the bridge deck and the railing, and I was convinced that I would slip through and fall to my death if I got close to the railing. But obviously my fat ass wouldn’t fit through there.. ..but still..that’s all I could think about.

Then we decided we needed a good laugh. We went back to G’s and watched “Glitter” for the sole purpose of ripping Mariah Carey to shreds. Then we watched all the bonus features on the DVD and laughed some more. The director’s commentary was absolutely painful. So cruel.

Sunday we hit Jungle Jim’s where I spent the majority of my time sampling cheeses of the world, fondling produce and snatching up as much candy I can’t buy in Toledo as I could. (Licorice Allsorts, Cadbury Flake and Ritter Sport with cornflakes.) I bought this freaky melon too. It looks like a short fat yellow cucumber. Mmmm..tasty.

So..in all of my jet setting adventures I completely ignored my doctor’s suggested dietary restrictions. And I felt like shit this morning. Little blue pills cannot overcome a diet full of no no’s. I have however, basically kicked the caffeine monkey off my back. (Ok..so I went to bed before 9 P.M. three nights last week..I guess that monkey helped me stay awake more than I thought.) Today I had a baked potato and a salad for lunch..bor-ing!

Oh and R. colored his hair.. ..he looks like Bozo.

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