You waited 6 days for this? [ July 17, 2003, 9:41 p.m. ]

I have no good reason for neglecting my diary for 6 days.

Nothing exciting is going on in my life..I guess thatís one reason.

R. is watching something called ďDisco BallĒ on TV. It scares me.. Iím gonna hide in here.

E.ís visit was nice. We went out Friday and Saturday night. It was as horrid as usual. Some freak that has been after E. for about 15 years was there.. .. ..staring at us as usual. Some drunken thing sat with us for a few minutes attempting to talk even tho we completely ignored him. Eventually he staggered away.

Work sucks. This week we recieived a memo that we had to start using new forms and codes effective July 1. I have 2 weeks worth of work to do over now. Dumb fucks.

Iím down another 6 lbs. But this week Iíve eaten like a total hog. Tuesday I shoved anything edible down my gob. I was an eating machine. Hopefully I just needed a junk food vacation because Iím kinda liking this losing weight thing.

I gotta get my nippy pierced before the fucking state makes me pay sales tax for it. So that means by August 1 Iíll be pierced. Iíd also like to get another tattoo but that will have to wait. Here is the one I already have.

Itís supposed to be my chinese zodiac (the rabbit) but it could mean ďno MSGĒ and I wouldnít know the difference.

Iím going to Cleveland this weekend to see J. Hopefully Iíll have more to write about on Sunday.

[email protected] sucks the big one.

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