Crispy [ July 23, 2003, 9:57 p.m. ]

I had a terrible day.

I had a slight meltdown at work. We had a sermon from our department head about the new productivity expectations..and the need to work more efficiently. I tried to use new templates that were emailed to us and discovered they did not work. I tried to get new forms and found the bins empty. The supply closet was full of the old forms we werenít allowed to use. And then I found out one of my clients complained about me because I was off on Monday when he thought he had an appt (after not showing or calling for the past 2 weeks..he didnít have an appt scheduled. Of course nobody tells him that..they just assume Iíve fucked up and not done my job.

I was about 5 mins away from quitting.

The idiots who are refinishing the floor didnít show up and now it looks like the living room will be out of commission for at least another week. All of the chaos in the house has made one of the cats psycho and she pissed on the guest bed.

I got home and found the second brood of mourning doves was out of the nest. One of them was in the driveway and I was worried it would get eaten by a cat or squished. I tried to shoo it towards the grass.. ..It ran right into the street where it was promptly hit by a car.

I was ready to cry.

I went to Meijerís and bought $60 worth of cleaning supplies. Iíll get order back in my life one way or another.. .. ..

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