Christmas odds and ends [ December 21, 2003, 7:42 p.m. ]

So we finally got some new cable channels. I watched 2 hours of “Battle of the Network Stars” circa 1975 last night. Then I watched “Queen for a Day” circa 1950. Ahh.. ..quality television.

I saw a Clay Aiken video..what a faggot! And he sounds awful..and he’s gay.. ..and he’s ugly.. ..

I’ve never watched American Idol..well that’s a lie. I saw about 5 mins of one episode where all the finalists were doing off-key medleys of 50’s songs. Blah

I wouldn’t know Kelly or Sideshow Justin if they were sitting next to me at dinner. Of course.. that I know who Clay is..I’ll just look for the flames.

I have been enjoying my new neighborhood by taking a walk through the beautiful park across the street. I can’t wait until the days are longer and I can do this during the week. Look at the view.

I thought I had my shopping done until my sister called to tell me the gift exchange was off because my sister in IA couldn’t make it. So the family decided to just scrap the whole thing and get gifts for everyone.

I find this out 5 days before Christmas.

So now I have to go get some more freakin stuff. And 3 of R’s gifts still haven’t come although I’ve tracked them and the USPS insists they are on the way. I just checked again and they haven’t updated the information.. ..since Thursday.


Ok..time to clean up the kitchen mess. I made more cookies :)

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