Hurricane Mania [ September 15, 2004, 7:35 a.m. ]

After 2 years, a bud-dropping disaster and three-times-a week- watering, my dendrobium is finally blooming. I bought it when it was almost dead. Its purple. I had no idea.

Yay for me.

We went to Columbus this weekend for a birthday party. Unfortunately I was on an antibiotic that made me siiiiiiiick. I prefer to vomit in my own toilet and sleep on my own bathroom floor, thank you very much. I was all excited to hit up Trader Joes and Wild Oats but we had to cancel that plan. Instead of vodka sauce and organic produce, I got ginger ale and pretzels. I came home and went right to bed..missed Six Feet Under..had fucked up dreams and bed spins. Just say NO to Biaxin.

You would not believe the hysterical hurricane coverage we are getting here. Our local news spends at least 10 minutes per broadcast with OH MY GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE coverage. In OHIO. Northwest OHIO. When Francis tore through here last week, the weather was so horrible I had to drive with my windshield wipers on. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? And since our local news is on 4 times a day and not much happens in Toledo, they are really scraping for stories. Last week they opened the news with a local woman worrying about her granddaughter who was on one of the last flights out of Orlando. Im sure there is some dumb Toledoan blasting off to the grocery to stock up on supplies just in case we get those terrifying 20mph wind gusts. We haven't had this much excitement since the pig truck crashed on I-75.

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