Jammies [ November 11, 2004, 7:56 p.m. ]

I havenít felt much like writing in here.. ..

Iíve been reading.. ..a lot.

I discovered I have HBO on Demand.

Iíve been cooking.

In other words.. ..I Ďm avoiding the outside world.

Four more years is only 1460 days, thatís not so bad is it?

Humor me.

My redneck state also banned gay marriage. If I start writing about NASCAR, someone needs to pack my bags and move me somewhere safe, like Vermont.
I didnít think much about the marriage ban thing until I saw a str8 couple registering for wedding gifts at Crate and Barrel. I hated them. How fabulous it must be to obtain a piece of paper that requires your friends and family to bring you gifts, just because you signed that piece of paper. You donít even have to love each other, and still you get the glass salad set.

That I end up buying for you. The salad set I would never buy myself.. ..because it seems so extravagant.. .. ..

Ahem.. ..

I like this time of year for one reason.

I get to lay around the house in these. Itís dark and cold. Iím not going anywhere. Might as well slip these babies on at 5:30 and call it a night.

I am going to bake cookies again this year for the Holidays. Last year I had a slight meltdown but I think I have a better handle on things this time. Letís hope so.

I went on an impulsive cyber-shopping spree at Amazon last week. Mmmm.. ..I always wanted Fantasia on DVD.

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