Not MIA [ July 26, 2005, 9:38 a.m. ]

YesÖI am alive

I could have update this thing many times..but I wouldnít have much to life is boringÖand the heat continues. The words ďheat advisoryĒ are evil evil evil. At 9 am itís already over 80 with a heat index in the 90ís.

The weather has taken a toll on my garden and itís taken a toll on me. We didnít have rain for nearly a month. What was left of hurricane Dennis dumped some rain, but the downpours were deluges, not the steady soaking rains we need. All those containers I planted require watering twice a day. Despite a feeding schedule it seems most of the flowering plants have gone on strike. Iím soooo not into it this year. Iíve killed a few things. Apparently avocado plants donít like full sun, and my impatiens are making me impatient. Iíve thought about pitching them all into the trash. The castor beans are tall but havenít filled out at all. Plus the damn wind keeps knocking them around.

On the other handÖfrom the street the front beds look lush and tropical. Only when you get close do you see how ugly it all really is. I donít understand.

Fortunately, my hummingbirds arenít affected and they are my bright spot in a dull brown garden.

Iíve also been watching way too much television and reading book after book. Iíve got the new HP to read as soon as I finish my library book. Iím excited because a program called Dirty Jobs premiers tonight and it looks absolutely disgusting. And somehow Iíve gotten hooked on Big Brother again which is a 3 night a week commitment. At least the DVR allows me to skip the drama, commercials and Julie Chen.

Last week my sister and brother-in-law visited and we all went to Cedar Point. It had been at least 5 years since my last visit and I wasnít sure I would have fun on the rides. As Iíve gotten older, Iíve developed a fear that Iím going to die complicated by my fear of heights. It ended up being a wonderful time and the feeling I was going to die went away by the third ride. R. didnít fare as well and he puked about 2 hours after we got there. My brother-in-law didnít do to well either. Fortunately they could hang out with each other while my sister and I tortured ourselves on every ride we could. I faced my fear of heights and rode the 420 foot coaster, which I wasnít sure I would go near. Knowing my Mother (at age 61) had ridden it already forced me to go ahead with it. And I loved it.

The best part of the coasters are the pics they take while you ride. Itís a tradition in my family to locate the camera before riding and then make some ridiculous pose. Iíve learned they will not allow you to grab the breasts of the person next to you for the picture, no flipping the bird or obscene gestures either. Once Mom pulled a glitter wig out of her purse as we were headed to the top of the hill, now thatís planning ahead! We rarely buy those picturesÖbut it sure is fun to knock the kids out of the while exiting the ride to get a look at ourselves pretending to be asleep or checking our watches while hurtling by the camera at 80 mph.

Iím trying contacts again. I had worn contacts for about 18 years before I developed some problems with my eyes. Since then I havenít been able to find a lens that is comfortable and doesnít turn my eyes a lovely shade of scarlet 30 mins after I insert them. These new ones are feeling pretty good. The eye doctor used the dreaded phrase ďat your ageĒ again but at least he was complimenting prescription hasnít changed and I have no signs of being far-sighted yet. I did find out my vision is 20/600, not good..not good at all.

I still hate my job and have done nothing about changing that.

JonathanÖitís nice to see you back and well. Hereís to you.

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